New Nikkei’s “Online Newspaper” Bans Deeplinks

Nikkei Web-kan [J], a new online news media started last month by Nikkei, one of the most influential industrial newspaper in Japan, turned out to claim possible damage compensation on its link policy page [J] to people who link individual news page, Slashdot Japan [J] reported.
The policy also requires you advanced consent if you want to make the Internet link to the top page and category-top pages. It is nostalgic that the site also disables right-click-context-menu to hope to protect their texts and images from download.
Japanese Twittersphere is reacting [J] against this as it is so old-fashioned and people question what Nikkei can earn or protect by that. I linked to the top page above without inquiry and will see if I am sued.
[Update] 2010-04-08 New York Times reported this news. Then major blogs followed.

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