German E-Commerce Brands4Friends Gives Away Free iPhone Case In Shibuya, Tokyo

#b4f 渋谷の半蔵門線改札裏でiPhoneケース設置スタート

A Japanese popular gadget blogger @masakiishitani and others reported that Brands For Friends ran a advertisement campaign to let commuters take free iPhone case posted in metro station in Shibuya, one of the biggest terminal station in Tokyo this morning, about an hour ago.
The twitter timeline tagged with #b4f shows that those iPhone case coloured gold, red or purple were given out at least two different concourses in Metro Hanzomon-line and Ginza-line. All cases had been quickly taken around an hour.
#b4f 渋谷あと1個!
German based Brands4Friends [De] has entered Japan [J] on March 8th. Brands4Friends is a invitation based e-commerce service to sell discounted brands. The original site holds the largest user base (over 2.5 million) and sales in Germany. (info by Veritacafe [J])
In Shibuya, giving away type ads are seen recently. For example, in 2009, there were bitter gourd seeds [J] and Bayonetta’s fragrance [J] (game character) distributions reported.

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