Twitter Featuring Reality TV Show Begins In Japan

Japan’s legendary reality television show comes back with heavy usage of Twitter.
Denpa Shonen 2010 (Denpa Shonen = Radio-Wave Boy), a successor program of the Susume Denpa Shonen, which started in 1992, is running their new program under the same producer (Producer T).
The program name is “Denpa Shonen 2010 – Hito-wa Tsubuyaki Dakede Ikite Ikeruka?” [J]. The subtitle means “Can people live on Twitter alone?”.

It started on January 25th and will continue for 2 months. On the game, two commanders direct two pair of comedians to drive around Japan, to take points to win under some rules.

All commands and communications should be done by Twitter. This scene is when one pair gets the next command on Twitter.

The rule of the game, which is subject to change, is posted here [J]. The basic rules are,

  • You lose if you violate traffic laws.
  • Cover all living expenses by Twitter.
  • No cash is allowed to have.
  • The team gets more points win.

Additional rules provides how to get points. For example, the first one to be able to take a photo of Toyota dealer in the directed city acquires 500 points. (Toyota provides 2 corolla as a main sponsor)
There are more and more rules added every day to avoid possible problems, such like not recording copyrighted music as background, because broadcasting will be restricted by them, etc.
Hashtag #denpa2010 seems to be used a lot by those directors, competitors and TV watchers.

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