The Pantienon – iPhone App To Imagine A Girl w/o Underware

Kayac disclosed their latest ludicrous iPhone application, The Pantienon.

What will happen if the girl in front of you isn’t wearing a panty?
Have you ever had that kind of delusionary thought?
The Pantienon, or Panty Amoralism, will support your delusionary thought!

You may take a photo of a girl by iPhone,
then, choose one out of four variations of underware on the picture, as if she is taking it off.
The application is now waiting Apple’s review, as Kayac explains.


  1. I love it, Akky.
    But won’t Greek people blame that name? I’m just worrying if it may bring a diplomatic attention to us and the holy ancient country of Greece.

  2. Haha. I don’t know how Greek feel it 🙂
    This application itself does not contain any erotic images. Just arouses users’ imagination (in very silly way).
    I am interested in how Apple, often blamed by their unclear review criteria, thinks this app.

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