From TechCrunch50 in San Francisco: Gazopa delivers a great presentation on their image search engine

As Japan’s third company, Gazopa, a Hitachi-backed search engine for images, presented at TechCrunch50 today (the final day).
Hideki Kobayashi, project leader at Gazopa, did a great job explaining the service, which makes it possible to look for images on the web similar to images you can upload to Gazopa or right-click on (on any web site): Calm presentation style, clear description of the service and a successful Q&A.

Formally, Gazopa surely was the best company representing Japan at this year’s TechCrunch50, showing that you can bridge cultural and language barriers easily through thorough preparation.
Please check out more information about Gazopa here and in my TechCrunch article. Here is TechCrunch’s official video of the presentation (the picture above is courtesy of TechCrunch):

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