Cookpad – the number one recipe site

Cookpad is the biggest recipe site in Japan, and has 416,000 recipes on the site. Alexa shows that Cookpad has a higher rating than Food Network or AllRecipes (with 40,000 recipes). Cookpad has 4.5 million unique visitors per month, and 280 million page views per month.
Ofcourse, recipes are posted by users. Unlike other recipe site, cookpad has many social features. Users who tried a recipe can post a review. Also users can write a cooking diary (blog) on the site.
Cookpad has a paid membership plan (294yen per month) (approx. $3) which allows users to sort recipes with popularity order, or expand favorite recipe folder from 20 to 3000 items. CEO Akimitsu Sano said that he wants users to pay for a good web service. Providing a web service without a fee is not a norm in his point of view.
Sano started the service in October 1998. Cookpad has gained many users from its early stage, but had suffered from lack of revenues. Cookpad is not a public company (yet as of 2008 Sep.), so its revenue is not disclosed. Now they are hiring an accountant (JP), so I assume that they are profitable and ready to be public.

Cookpad Food Network Allrecipes
Alexa rank 1111 1041 1165
Recipes 416,000 25,000 40,000
Members n/a 1.6millions 2millions
Pageviews 280millions n/a 80million
Unique visitors 4.5millions 5millions 5.5millions
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