Web-sticky service Lino now available in three languages: Japanese, English and (new) Chinese

Lino, a web based sticky note service competing with Postica, MyStickies and most notably Slingpage (and others) is a rare beast among Japanese web companies: It’s very international.
The Tokyo-based service yesterday announced in the English version of their company blog they not only completely revamped the site by changing the design and making it IE-friendly but also added Chinese as a third language.

I am not able to judge the quality of the Chinese translation, but Lino’s English version is quite OK, albeit not perfect. It’s commendable the site seems to really make an effort for their international users by offering an FAQ, a company blog and a forum (which is hardly frequented at this point) in English.
Users can design Lino stickies themselves and then spread them online to share messages, photos, videos etc. This is possible not only on the web itself but also by email. I think Lino is quite cool and you can even try it without registering.
Via Impress BB Watch

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