Apply for Sun Microsystems / Recruit’s Mash-up award in October

Since today Japan-based web companies are welcome to send in applications for the 4th Mash-up awards jointly organized by Sun Microsystems Japan and Recruit.

The first prize is 10 million Yen (approximately $10,000).
Applications will be accepted until September 16th, while the awards show will be conducted on October 19th.
Last year, Yuki Naotori from 7ns won the SUN/RECRUIT award with his Google Maps mash up called ONGMAP (thankfully available in English).
Asiajin’s Akky Akimoto will be one of the judges for the event.

Is it me or are industry events like this pretty rare in Japan? I know Yahoo! Japan organized a Web API contest last year (in which Akky also served as a judge), which was never repeated.

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