RubyKaigi tickets will be sold from May 10th

The Japan’s biggest conference on Ruby, RubyKaigi 2008, will start to sell tickets from 10th of May 10:00 JST (GMT+0900). Ticket will be sold out immediately (in few hours, probably).
The conference will be held from 20th-22nd June, but talks are planned only on 21st and 22nd. The venue is Tsukuba International Congress Center in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki, Japan, 45 minutes from Tokyo.
RubyKaigi 2008 is a less international conference than YAPC::Asia 2008. Most talks will be given with Japanese, but still a few talks in English are planned at this moment. If you are living in Japan, or East Asia, it is worth considering to join.
Ticked can be bought at Lawson convinience store chain in Japan. If you are living outside of Japan, you have to contact them by e-mail.
I’m going to talk at the conference too. See you there.

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