Backlog: a web-based issue tracking software

Hi all. Today I introduce a software from Fukuoka, the city where I’m living.
Backlog is a web-based issue tracking software created by Nulab, a software company based in Fukuoka.
Backlog has a similar functionality to Trac, but its user interface is much more friendly. Backlog’s features are: issue tracking, wiki, subversion support, and webdav file sharing.
Backlog has an English user interface too. If your browser’s language preference is set to English, English interface will appear. The product web site is only in Japanese, though.
The company, Nulab, is earning most of revenue from custom software development. It seems they are not providing a lot of sales effort to sell Backlog.
There are many free alternatives in issue tracking software. It must be quite hard to sell Backlog, but without sales effort, no product can be successful. I really wish Nulab became a successful product company, because there are not many company earning profit from product in Fukuoka. Custom software development is much less attractive workplace for programmers.
I’m using Backlog, and satisfied with it. It’s a much better experience than struggle with Trac’s awful user interface. (sorry Trac lovers)

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