Jun-ichiro “itojun” Hagino dies at 37; IPv6 developer and evangelist

Jun-ichiro “itojun” Hagino who as a core developer of the KAME project which enables IPv6 on BSDs, died Oct. 29th 2007. He was 37 and was living in Tokyo, Japan.
He was a hacker. A distinguished hacker. He served as a member of Internet Architecture Board which makes decisions on Internet specifications (RFCs).
Itojun was one of the only few Japanese developers well-known all over the world. He used his network to introduce Japanese developers to world wide developers.
His passion was not limited in programming. He had a good appetite for Asian foods. He was a founding member of ESD, Japan’s first restaurants review site, too.
Itojun was a symbolic person of Japanese early Internet users. We loved you and will miss you, itojun.

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