Hatena: a web company with geekish tastes

Hatena logo
Hatena started its business in 2001 with Jinriki Kensaku Hatena (similar to Yahoo! Answers). They have released 16 services so far (as of 2007) and became a famous role model of a geek company in Japan.
As a private company, their financial statement is veiled. Their announced number of users reached 400,000+ in April 2006. Monthly pageviews are over 400 million as of August 2005. Their other popular services are Hatena Diary (Japan’s first blog service), Hatena Bookmark (social bookmark), and Hatena Antenna.
In 2006 the founder, Junya Kondo, moved to the Silicon Valley and opened a company branch. The following year they released Hatena Star and Hatena Message as their first services in English.


  • Type: private
  • Founded: July 2001
  • Employees: est. 20+
  • People: CEO, Junya Kondo
  • People: CTO, Naoya Ito
  • People: Board member, Mochio Umeda
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