Koei Tecmo And GREE Bring Romance Of The Three Kingdoms To Chinese Tencent Platform

Koei Tecmo Games [J] and GREE [J] have released “Ichiokunin No Sangokushi” (100 Million People’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms), the Chinese version of Koei Tecmo’s social game “Hyaku Mannin No Sangokushi” (1 Million People’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms), for the Chinese Tencent’s feature phone / smartphone open platform “Tencent Wireless Open Platform for Community.”

“100 Million People’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is the first title installment for GREE’s Chinese social game market.  Tencent and GREE, since last January’s business partnership, have been undergoing localized business support for both companies’ collaborative resources and development platforms.  With mutual Social Network Services, development partners using “GREE Platform” and those using “Tencent Wireless Open Platform for Community” have opened the possibility for smooth development of social games.  “100 Million People’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms” is “Three Kingdoms” on the world stage; it’s a social game where users become a ruler and, while communicating with numerous other users, aim for unification of the playing field.  Users raise their level by clearing various quests, strengthen their army, and proceed to capture other users’ towns.  By forming partnerships with other users, you can strengthen your own army, so communication over the network acts as one point of capture.

Koei Tecmo Games and Gree will continue to advance their social game development into the Chinese market and into the future.

1 Million People’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms Handy Guide [J]


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Taito Releases Smartphone Social Spy Game Onto Chinese Market

Taito [J] has released the Android social game “特工大戦” (SPY WARS), for the smartphone “Tencent Wireless Open Platform for Community” through business partnership with GREE [J] and the Chinese internet portal Tencent.

“特工大戦” is the first segment of a social game in China for the “Tencent Wireless Open Platform for Community.”  It’s a Chinese language version of the popular social spy game offered in Japanese as “SPY WARS,” where players become an intelligence organization’s agent.  To save the world from a series of crises, they must join with partners to carry out various missions; to prevent conspiracies laid out by enemies, players order subordinate intelligence operatives, execute missions from their organization, and challenge foreign agents to battle in order to snatch their confidential information carried undercover.

Since Tencent and GREE’s business partnership in January of this year, they have been offering business support and localization as a collaborative development of each other’s platforms .


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Japan’s Mobile Social Gaming Giant GREE Partners With China’s Tencent (QQ)

Big news from Asia’s social gaming world today: Tokyo-based mobile social games juggernaut GREE ($3 billion market cap) just announced it will tie up with China’s biggest web company Tencent ($45 billion market cap), which operates the massive QQ platform.

The plan is to “export” GREE’s social apps to the rapidly growing market for mobile games in China as well as to offer games made in China to GREE’s 22 million Japanese users. The focus of the partnership is on “GREE Platform for Smartphone”, which was announced by the company last year (more info).

Under the agreement, developers following the specifications of the platform will be able to offer games to users of GREE and Tencent. GREE has so far attracted over 200 companies in Japan to join the platform and says that Tencent will help them to localize their games for the Chinese market.

In the official press release, GREE cites a source according to which China had 120 mobile gamers in September last year. To put things into perspective: Japan’s Internet population stands at around 100 million.

GREE CEO Yoshikazu Tanaka announced the move into the Chinese market in summer last year. His company established a US subsidiary just a few days ago and also invested in Singapore-based mobile platform mig33.