Subway Japan’s World-First In-Shop Lettuce Factory

Sandwich chain-store Subway Japan [J] opened a new shop “Subway Yasai(=vegetable) Lab Maru Building Store” at very central Tokyo, in Marunouchi Building which locates just in front of Tokyo station. What makes the shop so unique is that there is a vegetable factory set inside the shop and it provides fresh lettuces for sandwich.

Pesticide-free lettuces are cultivated hydroponically at the “factory” placed at the centre of the store. 20 lettuces per week can be harvested, which unfortunately provides maximum only 5% of consumed amount, and costs doubly than regular lettuces you can purchase. But all vegetables brought in are also agrochemical free and the president of Subway Japan said [J] that they are trying to demonstrate their consciousness of food safety.

Subway Japan has been running Subway Yasai Lab (vegetable laboratory) [J] and the vegetable factory is researched with Leave a nest Co.,Ltd. The prototype of the factory was seen on this movie.

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