Startup Saturday 2010: Asian Start-up Entrepreneurs Meet Together In HK (2/2)

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Startup Saturday 2010: Asian Start-up Entrepreneurs Meet Together In HK (1/2)

Startup Showcase Round 2:

Nanbeijie (南北街)  is an entertainment focused social shopping company that transforms online shopping into a social gaming experience. Utilising social gaming, virtual currencies and merging it with entertaining shopping games to create a new experience in the shopping entertainment space.


Cosher provides an innovative solution that makes internet display advertising campaigns more effective.   It is the first company worldwide to offer standard-based cursor-advertising.  In one simple sentence, they use the mouse cursor pointer for advertising purposes.  They can display your company/product logo on affiliated websites in conjunction with your banner-ads.


Enterproid allows mobile professionals to consolidate their work and personal life onto a single cloud-managed enterprise-grade device without compromising security or functionality.

Popcorn Media Network

The Popcorn Media Network is one of the first company’s in Hong Kong to see the value of social media and blogging and set up Hong Kong’s very first blog network with the brands such as, and


Conyac is a tech start-up based in Tokyo and a place for social translation over the internet. It is a user friendly website that enables you to request a translation or translate a request by another user, in order to gain Conyac points.

For more details about Conyac, refer to the following Asiajin stories.

Spoilt is a team that brings experience gifts to Hong Kong. If you look for a unique gift for a loved one or planning a day out, they can help.  Their points are unique experiences, hassle-free shopping, price guarantee and simple booking process.


The Future Panel:

  • Andy Cheung, Architect Evangelist, Microsoft
  • Patrick Lee, Founder of Alive Not Dead (an online community dedicated to helping artists)
  • Ken Law, CEO of MotherApp (a smartphone app developer creating iPhone / Android / Windows Mobile / Blackberry apps very quickly using their patent-pending technology.   Asiajin’s iPhone/iPod Touch reader is also powered by them.)


Startup Showcase Round 3


Stepcase developed several photo-related iPhone apps.   One of their best is Steply, which is for establishing an access to a free online community to share photos with friends and discover new things in your city.   Steply is available on the iTunes AppStore. (夠買)

Gobuya is a deal of the day site serving merchants and consumers in Hong Kong.  Developed and operated by Allo Online Solution Ltd. which is headquartered at Hong Kong Science Park.   They get high traffic through Facebook.


Aoopz is a platform for professionals to publish their works, creatives, ideas to the subscribers in multi-channels where publishings can be seen in most of platforms – mobile, iPad and web.

Resume Tracker

Resume Tracker provides you with your own careers site to handle job applications and to manage applicant information for small business.


Pillow2 is an online community to share travel experience, personalize your trips, and discover hidden local gems.  You can create a comprehensive travel journal with photos and the places you visited.  Then you can share it with your friends.

Online Product Platform

OPP helps business to demonstrate their products online easily and efficiently. It is a fully customized and animated product tools that can act as product catalog to complete online store. With its animated user interface, user can generate your own E-commerce website or product catalog in a very short time.  Developed by online solution provider Innoverz, which is also based at Hong Kong Science Park.


I’ve ever been to TechCrunch 50, OpenWeb Asia and the other attractive tech conferences many times, but never met such a hot event where a number of start-ups and entrepreneurs having grassroots spirits plus ambition to be a world-class business come together.   The organizer announced more than 400 people attended the event, and they were forced to set up an additional venue for having seats for the entire audience.

I thank the event’s organizers including Casey Lau and Jonathan Buford of BootHK for their hard work, and also I thank Takeshi Hirano[J] of TechCrunch Japan[J] for encouraging me to be there.

Finally, let’s take a look at the event highlights and interview highlights.   The following videos were produced by StartupsHK and Y Stage Productions.

Startup Saturday 2010: Asian Start-up Entrepreneurs Meet Together In HK (1/2)

On August 7, at Cyberport in Hong Kong, there was a one-day conference giving Hong Kong and Asian entrepreneurs the opportunities to present their services and discussing the future of tech start-up communities in the region.

There are two hubs for incubating tech start-ups in Hong Kong.   One is Cyberport, which is located on the ocean side of Hong Kong Island and near a floating restaurant which are often introduced as one of the area’s must-visit spots on Globetrotter and Lonely Planet.   The other one is Hong Kong Science Park, which is located 30-minute away from the region’s highest populated area by train bound for Guangdong Province[C], Mainland China.   Startup Saturday 2010 took place at Cyberport.

It started with a keynote address made by Douglas Young, the co-founder/CEO of G.O.D.(Goods of Desire, 住好啲), a Hong Kong-based design-oriented casual furniture/clothing chain retailer.

(The event’s opening starts around 00:06:45.   Please put the video above on forth.)


Startup Panel:

  • Arthur Chow, COO of 6 Waves (A Hong Kong-based social game app provider who has developed a lot of popular Facebook apps.)
  • Andy Ann, CEO and Founder of[C] (大日子, a Hong Kong-based start-up operating wedding and marriage portal sites.)
  • Kevin Huan, CEO of Pixel Media (a Hong Kong-headquartered Asian online ad sales network having offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.)
  • Terry Tsang, Co-founder of Pencake (a Hong Kong-based Facebook game developer specializing in helping brands and agencies create and launch interactive promotions.)


Start-up Showcase Round 1:

Crispy Entertainment

Crispy Entertainment develops the original comic book series for the iPhone and other iOS devices.  They recently introduced Super Kaiju Hero Force #1 of 5.  Created by Casey Lau and Jeff Kwan and 70+ pages of FREE comic book action served up with Apple’s iADs.   The app is available on iTunes AppStore.

Photogoodness (in private beta)

Photogoodness is a new digital photography management and manipulation application, built from the ground up for photography enthusiasts with DSLR cameras.

Stylenearby (in public beta)

StyleNearBy is an iPhone app that will help you keep track of your favorite boutiques and designers so that you will not miss another sale event or new product launch again.   The app is available on iTunes AppStore.


Pandaform is a simple business form builder. Use PandaForm to create and process forms, then manage or update the data.   Keep track of contacts and know who submitted forms to you. (搵腳網) is a multi-lingual social network platform that promotes action and activities amongst users by integrating multiple user-friendly online communication technologies and channels in efforts to promote thinking, cycling of information, interaction, and finally action.

Boot HK

Boot HK aims at igniting Hong Kong’s entrepreneurial community by giving people a social place they can work and meet up.   The long term vision is to create a network of spaces throughout the country that provide different environments such as hackerspaces, workshops, and social meetups for artists, entrepreneurs, and technologists.   Their first space in Sheung Wan will be a place to bring everyone together and to provide space for co-working.


Funding Panel:

  • Tony Chan, Founder, Asia Pacific Deal Flow (亞洲企業融資平台, a platform for distributing private equity fund raising deals.)
  • Douglas Glen, Ex-CEO, Imagi Studios (意馬動畫工作室, an animation production of CG-animated feature films.)
  • James Giancotti, CFO, Excitin (incubation, helping in brand building of tech start-ups and dealing with M&A issues.)
  • Kin Ko, Founder, Lakoo China (拉闊遊戲, an iPhone/Android game developer known for their popular MMORPG 帝國Online(Empire Online) which has engaged three million users worldwide.)

(to be continued to 2/2)

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