English Guide For Nico Nico Douga, Part 1: How To Register

It’s been a while since we explained how English speaking users can set up an account for Japan’s super-popular video sharing site Nico Nico Douga (click here for a list of all Nico Nico articles we’ve written so far). A few things changed in the registration process, which is why we thought it’s a good idea to give you a new guide (so please ignore the older version).

(Note: Unlike YouTube, you can’t view videos on Nico Nico without being logged in.)

Please follow the instructions given in English in the screengrabs below to register for the site (click on the pictures to enlarge them). Learn how to use Nico Nico Douga here.

Screen 1 (starting page for logged-out/new users):

Screen 2 (choose between premium and free account):

Screen 3 (email address form – note: hotmail and other services didn’t work, Gmail did):

Screen 4 (registration):

Screen 5 (confirmation):

Screen 6 (notification):

Screen 7 (registration complete – you land here after you click on the link provided in the email):

Screen 8 (Nico Nico top page, logged in as new member):

You’re done!

Again, click here for a guide (in English) on how to use Nico Nico Douga in Japanese.

Gree Now Allows iPhone/Softbank Users To Register

Japan’s largest social networking service Gree today announced [J] that their recently released iPhone version now added a “registration” feature today on September 30th.

On Gree iPhone version website, which started as Beta in August, now you can become a member of Gree network.

Unfortunately, it does not mean that iPhone users in other countries can communicate with Japanese Gree users, because the iPhone site registration also requires a softbank e-mail address attached with the Softbank iPhone.

Also, the iPhone version website is close to Gree PC version, which only has 1% of total Gree traffic and does not provide any popular Flash Lite games promoted on TV commercial films. Just social graph, communities and avatars are there.

But anyway, registration from iPhone is the one thing has been wanted by half of iPhone users who do not keep their feature phone in Japan.

No.2 Mixi have not realized it yet. Mixi’s iPhone app is a kind of Mixi “Viewer” and has not been improved much after the release.

Mobage-Town owner DeNA is running iPhone/iPad based English social network MiniNation in U.S., but it is not available on Japanese iTunes Store. PC version of Mobage-Town was shut down recently, and Yahoo! Mobage takes it over. Yahoo! Mobage offers to all PC users an alternative registration method not by feature phone terminal ID but by credit card, and iPhone users can register as a PC user, but the contents on Yahoo! Mobage is Flash-based games so it is meaningless for iPhone/iPad.