Bijostagram – Shows Only Beautiful Girls From Instagram

Bijostagram (bijo = beautiful lady in Japanese) is a new Instagram mashup from Japan to pick up only photos with beautiful girls. You open the page, then it refreshes periodically.

The site was backed by a algorithm to detect beautiful girls photo only, developed by the creator hirotmb, and the frontend Javascript is supported by @amachang.

We introduced another Instagram mashup for cats photo, Nekostagram last week. According to Einstein’s no Denwabangou blog [J], there are many of similar category-specific Instagram photo viewer sites appearing by Japanese web developers.

Beergram – beers’ photo viewer by @tavii

Usastagram – rabbits(usagi) photos only by @Satoshi_Maeda

Hamstagram – hamsters only – by @Satoshi_Maeda

Currystagram – curry only!! by @Satoshi_Maeda

jLeaguram – J League(Japan pro soccer league) only – by @ymzkmct

Inustagram – dogs(inu) only by @ruedap

Irostagram – show photos by colors(iro) by @redsnow_

Some seem to use tags on photos, others use some algorithms to list up photos.