paiTouch – Virtual Boob Simulator comes to iPhone

Blogger technohippy has released paiTouch, the third generation of his series of Oppai (Boob) Simulators, now for the iPhone.

Using the app, you can freely touch a virtual boob on the iPhone’s Safari browser.

For the software to be used on the iPhone, technohippy’s application was ported from Flash technology to JavaScript. The application also depends on the Dynamics Engine of the ActionScript Physics Engine (APE) ported to Javascript by blogger flashrod.

The first generation software worked as a Google Gadget allowing it to be added to your iGoogle page and/or your blog.

The second generation of the Boob Simulator worked with a webcam to create an augmented reality in which you could interact with the virtual boob. You can watch the demo movie here.

The algorithm for the physical model is explained here and the Flash source code is available here for future evolution.

The full Flash application with a bunch of customizable parameters is here. Luckily, the full version comes with all of the key instructions in English. Enjoy!

Cut Negative Keywords on Your Blog into Pieces: Kendo Magazine Blog Widget

Kendo is the Japanaese martial art of fencing.

A niche magazine for Kendo “Monthly Kendo Jidai (Age of Kendo)” has released a blog widget and made a shattering blow among Japanse blogsphere.

The latest issue of Kendo Jidai

Kendo Jidai

Kendo Magazine Official BLog Widget
Kendo Jidai Blog Widget

Once you set up this widget on your blog and push “Fight!” button, the samrai stands up and make a bow. Then he cuts a negative keyword in the blog article into pieces by the sword to smash your negative spirit.


The Samurai finds out a negative keyword and starts action…


Then cut the negative keyword into pieces….

Here is an English demonstration page to check with your own eyes.

Sample Weblog (English)

Terminate every negative keywords on your blog and reshape your spirt with this Samurai widget!

Thanks to idea*idea for suggesting us to write this in English.

Nounai-Maker: depicts what your brain is composed of

Nounai-Maker is a joke-service smashed Japanese blogosphere in September, 2007 and still causing a boom among Japanese internet users.

What you need to do is simply enter your name to generate the image of “inside of your brain” (Nounai) ; having the same meaning as “inside of your mind”. The cartoon-style image is fulfilled by Chinese characters that represent what your brain is composed of; Love, Sex, Fun, Evil, etc. There is no scientific evidence for the result but it offered something that people can use for conversation in the bar. Becasuse the service was also accessable via the cell-phose. You can also enter English name to get the result even you may not undestand what Chinese characters say.

Below image is a result for ”Asaijin”. It is composed by Greeed, Sex, and Money 🙂 .

Nounai-Maker - Asiajin

At the beginning, the service was recoginzed by bloggers but soon users expanded to more general people in Japan after it was introduced by couple TV programs. Within 4 months after the release of the service, it earned more than 500 million page views and this number is still growing even faster than before. This became a little social phenomeon and recently it is selected as a most notable web service by Web of the Year 2007 in Japan.

Now, there is even a follower service in English; althought the result is not seem designed well as the original.

It is not certain who created this servcie. What we just know is it is developed by an enigeer or few engineers out of a corporate activity.