Finnish Embassy Runs Personified Finland Illustration Contest On Twitter

Finish embassy in Japan, who recently runs a Twitter account(@FinEmbTokyo) with folksy tweets and getting popular by showing deep understandings to Japanese subcultures. On February, they introduced to its followers Suomi-neito, a personified Finnish land, and soon later by getting feedback, began an official Suomi-neito illustration contest.

On March 1 2012, Finnish embassy awarded a few illustrations out of 35 applicants.

The grand prix is by @ba66ie.

See all 5 awarded Suomi-neito-es on the embassy site [J].

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Personal Assistant Siri Personified In Drawings As Well

iPhone’s new voice interface Siri is getting kind of artificial personality with human voice and many prepared witty answers. If so, such “virtual person in machine” is of course the Japanese anime/manga people’s favorite theme as seen on human voice synthesizer Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid buddies are followed by a lot of illustrations, comics, dance movie, etc.

Around the social drawing community Pixiv, there are already many Siri illustrations by Japanese creators.

By @michirushiduki

By Bohe(@bhe_bbo)

By Kuuki Satoh. This uses the line that Siri’s name sounds ass in Japanese (Shiri).

More on Pixiv [J].

Japanese Artists Draw Catfish To Encourage The Earthquake Sufferers
Drawn by shigeokahide.

Many Japanese artists drew Namazu-e(鯰絵) to encourage earthquake sufferers on Twitter.

What is Namazu-e? Namazu-e is a motif drawn in ukiyoe (Wikipedia) during Edo period (Wikipedia). “Namazu” means a catfish in Japanese. In old days, Japanese believed that the earthquake occurs because of a catfish behaves violently in underground. In 1855, earthquake of magnitude 6.9 attacked Kanto region(known as Ansei big earthquake – Wikipedia). In those days, many ukiyoe artists prayed for revive from a disaster and drew the ukiyoe of the heroes exterminate a catfish. Variations of full many Namazu-e increased one after another. For example, god of Shinto exterminates a catfish, catfish apologizes to the people etc…

The Namazu-e project rose from this earthquake is a modern version of ukiyoe of Namazu-e. Please search hashtag #namazue on Twitter. You can find various kind of hot artworks. 

* This project is not meant to harm or kill any real catfish.