Another Pure CSS (=No JavaScript) Action Games

Inspired by a pure CSS action game, a new CSS only whack-a-mole game CSS Panic was released by GeckoTang on the online Japanese HTML5 coding community,

You may play it here if using a modern browser.

CSS PANIC – – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

GeckoTang also made a shooting police (not police shooting) game CSS3 of the Dead.

CSS3 OF THE DEAD – – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

The games are said to be checked only on Google Chrome browser.

CSS-Only (=No Flash/Javascript) Browser Action Game

A Japanese blogger ndruger made a single-page browser action game only using the latest CSS. You need to catch 101 cows by clicking.

Only the latest versions of Chrome/Safari can run this game. Firefox/IE are not supported. – Shared HTML5/JavaScript Playground For Geeks is a new web developers’ community on which HTML5/JavaScript/CSS programmers can play, share and collaborate with others.

On the site, user can edit HTML/JavaScript/CSS on the left pane, and run them on the right pane.

Your code are publicized with your designating license, and others can “fork” it and make his/her branched version.

Popular JavaScript libraries are callable. Others making code are also possible to include.

Here is one project sample I randomly took. On this blog widget, all source code can be seen on viewer, and you can play it here.

forked from: Trail Fader – – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

As licenses are attached to each source code by posters, you can take all needed code to your server outside if it permits.

All time favored ranking may be good place to check what cool designs and effects are made by Japanese web programmers.

Kayac, the company behind, has already succeeded with the similar type of “code and share” community on Adobe Flash, Wonderfl. Some popular Flash applications made on Wonderfl seem to be transplanted to already.

Particle 3000 – – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

JSパーティクル崩し – – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

Tree in the breeze – – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

Real Time Ray Tracing – – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS