35 Series Of Power Rangers Color Chart

Nikkei Entertainment, an entertainment magazine under Nikkei newspaper made an interesting chart [J] around all 35 series of popular Super-Sentai-series, also known as Power Rangers oversea, has been made for 36 years since 1975, shows which series had what colors of heroes.

According to the article, colors and characters are closely related with Japanese people’s impressions on each colors, like red-helmet one tends to play a leader role with lively energetic character.

The first Power Rangers exported matches 1992’s Jyu-Ranger.

スーパー戦隊シリーズ 恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー VOL.1 [DVD]

Dot War – Command Your Twitter Icon Battalion

Dot War is a Flash-based strategy game with thousands of generated units from your, your friends’ or random Twitter icons.

On the start menu, you may choose “single scenario”, “manual match-up” or “automatic VS mode”. You may manipulate your troops by mouse, or in the automatic mode, your setting two icons fight in auto-play. And in the VS mode, the same combination of Twitter users always leads the same result.

Units made from every single pixel from Twitter icon, has four parameters given by its colour. So each icon has different speed, stamina, attacking power and reach.

You will win when you can take down your opponent’s three crystals within time.

The game is created by a Tokyo-based Flash engineer Sipo (@tail_y).