Kawaii Security – Over 30 Computer Virus Personified In Japanese Security Book

It is understandable to make your favorite web services drawn as characters, but how about internet viruses?

A Japanese publisher Sansai Books started selling a security book “Kawaii Security”, which enlightens you computer virus history since 1980’s, with over 30 infamous viruses anthropomorphized in cute anime-style characters. Which virus being personified in the book has not been disclosed yet, but I guess good-old pre-Windows Morris Worm, Code Red and Nimda should be in them, Japanese virus Yamada and Kintama as well.We got more info from the book author.

For example, MS-Word macro based Mellisa virus since 1999 is personified like this,

The character doing poll-dance seems from the truth that the virus creator (a male American who was arrested) named this virus after a strip dancer he knew.

Some other virus girls icons, Pakistan Brain, Christmas, Klez, Netsky, Code Red, Nimda, Blaster, Sasser, Gambler, etc.

Four anti-security applications are also personified under the authorization of the software vendors. Here is McAfee girl,

And F-Secure from Finland,

It has 5 stories of original security comics,

and CD-ROM of anti-virus trial software Panda Internet Security 2011, too.

The book will be available on Amazon Japan and bookstores in Japan on March 14th.

Kawaii Security

via Akiba Keizai Shimbun

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New Book: Twitter Beginning Guide For Nuturing Mom

I gave up counting how many Twitter books are published in Japan. There seem to be reaching 500 soon on Amazon Japan [J].

As we already covered before, more than 5 books suggest to learn English by Twitter, of course there are Twitter manga-s.

It looks like that if you include “Twitter” in your book title, the book will sell great, at least publishers think so.

This time, it hits on mothers bearing a baby.


Mama no Tame no Kosodate Twitter Nyumon(Twitter Begining Guide for Mom to nurture) is it.

The publisher’s note tells,

Twitter is a tool to keep murmuring. Often you may not get any responses, but tweeting a bit reduces your stress, organizes your thoughts. The best thing is that you feel being casually connected with people whose minds are close to you, even if the real distances are far.

Twitter saves mothers who tend to be isolated in modern parenting, and destresses them.

The book is on sale for 1,260 yen (US$15).

Learn English On Twitter – At Least 5 Japanese Books For That

A Japanese blogger Bricklife pointed out that there are so many Japanese books on how to learn English by Twitter published.

A Japanese and an English authors wrote up twitter conversations among fictional characters. The characters exist on Twitter so you may follow them and read.

The author issued “Diary in English”, “Pocket Planner in English” teaches how to greet, ask and appreciate on Twitter in several different situations.

1,600 phrase examples to tweet, such like “Just faved!”, “Got to have beer after a day’s hard work.”

Only 15 minutes a day, reading and writing 140-letter English makes your English improved surprisingly. Offers a good list of 43 useful, celebrity accounts.

English daily life are categorized into 13 contextualized examples for tweeting. Recommends 60 Twitter accounts. Authors were gathered over Twitter from Japan/USA/Canada.

As there are no pressure by Facebook in Japanese web, Twitter enjoys its prosperity. “By Twitter” seems to be a good catch to sell a new book in Japan at now.

Softbank’s Online Magazines App Viewn Gets Bumbling Start

Although Apple’s digital publishing service iBookstore on iPad has been doing well in US, like other countries it is not really ready for Japanese iPad users. It is considered to take time to realize as local publishers are more conservative to collaborate.

Sotftbank’s 100% subsidiary Viewn [J], which had been introduced by CEO Masayoshi Son, launched today on June 1st, is expected to fill in the hole for users’ demand for reading texts on new iPad in Japan.

Son announced that Viewn offers a package of 31 popular Japanese magazines for iPad in flat rate $5.00 per month [J]. The subscription fee looks like set by size of screens on Softbank Mobile cellphones.

device Yen US dollars
feature phone 315 $3.46
iPhone 350 $3.85
iPad 450 $4.97

iPad app can be downloaded from this page if your iTunes Store’s country is Japan.


The announced package includes really big names, a major newspaper Mainichi, a major TV network Nippon TV news, weekly magazines like Friday, AERA, Asahi, President, Economist Japanese version, fashion magazines and travel guidebook series Chikyu no Arukikata (like Lonely Planet in Japan), etc.

Every single magazine costs more than US$3.00 so it surprised Japanese websphere. Twitter was filled up with admiration tone for Son’s account @masason.

Server trouble

However, people rushed at the service launch, 0 a.m. June 1st, saw the iPad/iPhone app never comes back to show magazine covers for an hour.

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Son tweeted that they are installing 10 times more servers [J] to solve the issue. Then gave up and Viewn announced temporal pause of service [J].

Read as much as you like, but…

Also, few lucky users who could read into each magazines “table of contents” found that not all pages are available on the package. A popular tech blogger Tsuruaki Yukawa took Weekly Diamond’s toc as sample and tells it provides only part 1 and 2 out of 5 sections feature story [J].

He showed disappointment that the service is kind of “sample” to be guided for their original paper version. Majority seem to agree it and the initial explanation was exaggerated.

Viewn’s FAQ on website [J] says “On most magazines, main articles will be delivered step-by-step from paper one’s publish date”, “You may browse magazines in the same layout as original. How much you can read are varied on each magazine”.

On Japanese websphere, there are also another users’ voice that this is kind of new challenge so user should not bash Viewn and support publishers will allow more contents online.

Planned In Japan: e-Books Only Downloadable At… Bookstore?

Kowa Computer Co. Ltd., who have been providing book publishing system for industry, revealed that they are to enter downloadable e-book market with their own smart-phone-sized device.

The unique thing about their system different from Amazon Kindle and Apple iBook is, that the users will be able to download their e-book only at the retail bookstores.


Kazuhiro Shibazaki, the president told “Bookstores in town are the cultural centre of the area. Their disappearing means diminishment of culture”.

via Asahi Shimbun