Matz becomes an honorary citizen of Matsue-city


(Photo by Jim Lindley (cc-by-nc))

Ruby’s creator Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto is going to become an honorary citizen of Matsue city where he lives.

The city will award three people this time but other two are awarded posthumously. Matz, a 44 years-old geek, is the youngest recipient of the award.

Matsue city considers Ruby and Matz as very important “assets” of the city. They held a conference called ‘Ruby World Conference 2009‘ in September to strengthen their presence in Ruby community.

(via Yomiuri Shimbun)

Ultimate Localization: Twitter Gets Japanese Nickname And Theme Song


Japanese pop singer and song-writer Kohmi Hirose[J] (@kohmi), who has released a number of popular songs in ’90s and been singing winter dating stuffs for young couples, is also one of the celebrity twitterers.   Kohmi exchanged many tweets with Kazuyo Katsuma[J] (@kazuyo_k), a friend of her, economist and the best-selling business book author in Japan, and found out what Twitter is and how it can contribute especially in giving her a good opportunity for the better interactive communication with her fans.

Komi Hirose's Blog

Kohmi calls Twitter a nickname “he-we-he-heey” (an onomatopoeia) as she pleases, and today she released an original theme song[J] titled “Viva! he-we-he-heey!”.


As far as we’ve learned from several news sources, Kohmi composed the song on her voluntary basis, and she didn’t seem to be asked to do so by Twitter’s management or its Japanese business partner Digital Garage.   In the future, Twitter might have several aliases especially in non-English speaking countries, but this could be also an essential combination of ultimate translation and well-localized marketing strategy to be required when a new service goes into a different country from where the service originates.

Meanwhile, Digital Garage announced it would co-develop a localized mobile interface for Japanese Twitterers this fall, which caused its share price to mark limit-up on Thursday.

Report of RubyConf China 2009

photo by rubyac (used under creative commons license)

May 21st, the father of Ruby, Yukihiro Matsumoto aka Matz, visited Shanghai to attend RubyConf China 2009, the first large Ruby conference in China.

The conference was an astonishing success. 450 people attended the event. All talks except keynote were given in Chinese.

Matz gave a keynote which reveals design concept and characteristics of the language. Matz emphasized human-friendly attributes of Ruby, as always he does in other conferences.

Richard Huang from Ekohe has described how the design patterns such as Singleton, Observer, Command, Iterator, are implemented in Ruby. And he explained that how are they different from Java implementation.

Robbin Fan of JavaEye [CN] told that his JavaEye website, which is the second biggest developer site in China, is written with Ruby on Rails. He explained many optimizing methods which he learned from the experience of running a popular site. It is a surprise for Chinese attendees that “JavaEye” is running by Ruby on Rails.

In afternoon sessions, Robin Lu pointed out some common mistakes in Ruby/Rails development. A guy from ThoughtWorks gave a talk called ‘Ruby/Rails in enterprise development’. A guy from PinPoint told that Chinese government is already using Ruby on Rails in their purchasing system.

Joseph Wang from SAP gave a detailed talk about BlueRuby project. BlueRuby is another Ruby implementation which runs on SAP platform. With BlueRuby, Fortune 500 companies will be able to introduce the power of Ruby to their enterprise systems.

Koz Masumitsu, a Japanese entrepreneur based near Shanghai, introduced a Ruby industry development plan of Shimane prefecture where Matz lives. Shimane is one of the most remote area in Japan, and their local government is serious about Ruby.


Matz was treated like a rock star. Many attendees want to take a photo with him, or want his autograph.

Amateur Paparazzis Livecast A Pop Star Under Arrest For Indecent Exposure

As you might hear from the news, the Japanese pop star Tsuyoshi Kusanagi(草彅剛, a.k.a. 초난 강 or Chonan Gang in South Korea), a member of popular group SMAP[J], was arrested Thursday for public indecency after being found drunk and naked at a park near Roppongi, Tokyo.

On the popular video sharing site Nico Nico Douga[J], some curious onlooking videocast enthusiasts brought live pictures shooting TV crews and showbiz reporters who were at the crime scene for covering the story, and the others showed live images of the police building where Tsuyoshi was detained inside for an investigator’s examination.

Japanese government has used him as a promoter for digital terrestrial TV broadcasting (a.k.a DTV in the U.S.) which replaces analog broadcasting in 2011. They are afraid if his arrest may dampen the widespread use of digital TV sets in Japanese households, which may force them to postpone the transition deadline of Japanese TV industry’s road-map.

NicoNico Live

A screen-shot above was quoted from Nico Nico Live[J], a livecast category on Nico Nico Douga.

This livecast was performed by an onlooking guy in Thursday’s lunch break, he mimicked Tsuyoshi, took off his clothes and entered a pond in the park where the pop star had been found. An audience watching it expressed pros and cons while they ate lunch at their offices. The park is located next to Tokyo Midtown shopping complex, which was built a few years ago at the ex-site of Japanese Defence Ministry‘s Headquarters.

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My Time for Sale: Ex-web Designer Girl Exposes Her 24/7 On The Web

Jibunya 24's Logo

Rie Tomimoto(冨本梨恵) is Jibunya 24[J], where she sells her time, does anything her clients ask excluding some exceptions, and blog what she does mostly everyday. She is a 33-year-old ex-web designer, and lives in the west suburban city of Tokyo. Unlike Chen Xiao(陈潇)[C] who does the similar things in Beijing, Rie runs the website not for making her living, but for sharing joys with her friends and other bloggers.

Jibunya 24's Website Image

Rie‘s website is a mash-up of popular web2.0 services including Flickr, Twitter, Google Map and Google Calendar, and it shows you where and what she is doing, and also allows you to check up her availability in coming days if you ask her something.

She hopes her this activity help self-employed people to find more efficient way to use their free times for earning money, who often perplex to their workload deflection and want to equalize it.

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