AR App “coloRail” Brings Location Based Gaming To The Sapporo Subway

Kumasan LLC [J] has released the first installment of “coloRail”, a location based game series for iOS where your destination is decided by the roll of the dice; this version features the Sapporo metro subway.  Download is free.

“coloRail” automatically determines your destination by rolling dice, and by actually going to the location, checking in, and repeating this process, you will conquer all stations in the Sapporo metro subway system.  The new one day travel pass for this subway offers more flexible ways to travel, and because this app works together with the already released AR (augmented reality) camera application “DoARaiCAM”, with a system grants items and points for that app according to your train questing status.

coloRail-ST [J]


photography AR Camera “DoARaiCAM” [J]


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