3D Robot Customize Simulation Game “Damascus Gear” Released For Mobage

Arc System Works, Inc. [J] have released the Android version of “Damascus Gear” [J], a customized robot simulation game for Mobage.

“Damascus Gear” is a customizable robot simulation game set in the distant future where humankind is are faced with a life and death crisis from renegade robots known as “Gear.”  The player drives his own gear, and to take the world back from the rampaging Gears, engages in unfolding battles.  You customize by rearranging your gear’s individual parts, and since the major salient feature of this title is how battles can carry out between Gears appropriate for various situations, a wealth of part types are included making it possible to customize with a high level of freedom.  Also 3D graphics are in use, and you can enjoy the intense production of the firing and destruction scenes during battle.

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