North American Version of Social Game “Nyobunyaga No Yabou” Released As “Samurai Cats”

Koei Tecmo Games [J] has released “Samurai Cats,” an English version of the warring states social simulation game “Nyobunyaga No Yabou” (Nobunaga’s [meow] Ambition), for the global version of Mobage.  An Android version release will lead the way in the North American market of USA and Canada.

“Nyobunyaga No Yabou” is a social warring states simulation game featuring “catified” feudal Japan military commanders, and in addition to currently being offered for Yahoo! Mobage and Mobage, a Chinese version has also been released [J] in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao, via Taiwan’s Cayenne Entertainment Technology.  This is the first instance of a release in the English speaking world, and the game system and artwork has been left unchanged as only the text has been translated into English.  Also, it cannot be used from Japan.

Nobunyaga No Yabou walkthrough cat book of heraldry

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