Japan’s Web News Week 52

The last week’s Japanese Web/IT related news which we did not write as a dedicated article in 2011. Thank you for your support to Asiajin. It was a great year.

6-7 days around the New Year’s day are basically holiday for most people in Japan, so there were not much news.

Referred pages are all in Japanese, unless otherwise stated.

If you want to know any specific news more, but unable to find them in other English blog/media, please let us know.

Android Highschool – Personified Androids Comic

A manga (Japanese comic) series “Hana no Andoroido Gakuen”(Sweet Android High-school) is a comic depicts the battles of Android handset vendors as a school life with caricatured girls who have each vendors characteristics.

“-chan” is a Japanese post-nominal title used for young, tiny or small person. “-kun” is similar but for boys, so her Apple is described as a boy, who goes to another high-school at next, and has quarrel with Sam-Sung-chan.

A teacher Google give favor to 5 students, Moto-Laura-chan(Motorola), Sam-Sung-chan(Samsung), H-T-Syee-chan(HTC), Elle-G-chan(LG) and Soni-Eri-chan(Sony Ericsson). Mr. Google even married with Moto-Laura-chan but as the teacher has a policy not to give precedence to her, everyone tends to forget that the two are in marriage.

In contrast to international students(it’s a school in Japan), Japanese students like Sharp-chan, Fuji-Toru-chan(Fujitsu-Toshiba) and Kashio-Nko-chan(Casio-NEC) seem to have anxieties and complains.

The manga runs on extra editions of Weekly Ascii, a PC magazine with long history in Japan. (I remember I subscribed Monthly Ascii when I was a high-school student.)

You may browse some excerpts [J] on Shu-Asu-Plus(Weeky Ascii Plus), online version of Weekly Ascii. The site also released a character model sheet [J]. Each character has most attractive feature and belonging bukatsu(after-school activity circle).

[Update 2012-01-06] By seeing foreign media reported about the comic, Weekly Ascii added text for people who want to read (by machine translation) and/or make translated versions.