Pop Up Camera – iPhone App Makes Your Photo Pseudo 3D

[Free download until Sunday 24th]

Pop Up Camera by Kamakura-based web development company Kayac Inc. is an iPhone camera application enables you to make semi-3D effect photo.

You take a photo, then touch area on the photo where you want to pop up.

Then you will get animated image file. Here is a sample from a blog Kaishiden,

You may also set the generated image as a Twitter icon.



The app is priced at $1.99, but until 24th Sunday it will be available for free by a release campaign.

via Kaishiden blog [J]

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Pop Up Camera Japanese version “Tobideru Kamera” [J]

Reroom.jp – Category Photo Sharing Service For Your Interior Designs

Last month we introduced a new Japan-based bilingual web service for sharing contents of your bag InMyBag.

This month we let you know the similar concept web service Reroom.jp, which lets you share the part of your private life, your room.

This service does not have an English menu, but browsing should not be so difficult as the main contents are photos, and all photos are what other users want to boast to others. You may at least see what type of rooms and interior Japanese people thinks cool.

You may filter those photos by colors, items and keywords at the bottom of page. The registered users may clip favorite room photos, leave comments, and share it with social medias – Mixi, Twitter and Facebook.

Yep, Sony Killed Casette Walkman, Sharp Killed PC

Whilst Apple reported to kill the CD in U.S., there are two big Japanese companies turned out to kill other legacy products.

Last Cassette Walkman

SankeiBiz reported [J] that Sony said on 22nd that they had finished domestic shipment of cassette tape Walkman at the end of April 2010. The last 5 models (WM-EX651, WM-GX410, WM-GX788, WM-GX202 and WM-EX202) can be purchased only when they are in stock. Outside of Japan, Sony will keep selling the consignment products made by Chinese makers.

The newest model seems to be WM-EX651, was shipped on October 2004.

Sony also terminated 3.5 inch Floppy Disk sales in April 2010 in Japan [J].

Sharp stopped PC sale

Asahi reported [J] that Sharp disclosed yesterday 21st October that they had discontinued PC development in 2009, two years ago.

Sharp keeps No.1 position in Japanese cellphone market with 26.2%, over 9 million set [J]. They also are aiming at e-book market with a new brand Galapagos, the first model of which will be sold this December, 2010.

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Sharp Mebius (Note PC brand) support page pulldown list only shows until 2009. [J]