News In Manga Style – Two Manga-News Sites Show Up



Two manga-style news are launching within a month in Japan.

Manga no Shimbun

Manga no Shimbun(Manga Newspaper) is a website offers news in Japanese comic style, launched October 15th 2009 by KaBa Net [J].

News about US president Obama's Japan visit

News about US president Obama's Japan visit

Manga no Shimbun covers four categories, Politics/Economy, International, Society and Entertainment/Sports.

On the launch announcement [J], also in manga by (probably) the chief of editor, he says they have plans for cellphone sites, multi-language translation to English, French, Korean, etc.

Nihon IT Manga Shimbun

Nihon IT Manga Shimbun (Japan IT Manga Newspaper) seems to start on November 12th 2009 by Trend Pro [J]. There are no official release found and the site tells “Open Beta”.

News about Firefox 5th anniversary

News about Firefox 5th anniversary

This site, as the site title implies, only has IT related news, however, the top-right tabs, currently disabled says, “Economic” and “Politics” so these two other categories might appear soon.

In the country where huge number of comics are published, where not only kids but many adults read them, it is wise to reach people in manga style, I think.

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