Tokyo2point0 Event: Press Army and social learning site iKnow!

This month’s Tokyo2point0 event (our reports on former events) took place on Monday again at the Super Deluxe in Roppongi.

These two presentations were delivered.

UltraSuperNew’s Press Army

UltraSuperNew‘s director Michael Sheetal delivered a presentation on “Press Army”, a bilingual web service, which is geared mainly towards companies. Press Army enables users to automatically monitor, analyze, visualize and summarize the impact a given brand, project or topic has in social media.

Michael used the term “Tokyo2point0” as an example in his presentation and attendees could see how and to which extent users of services like Flickr, YouTube or Twitter have discussed the event right to the point in time he checked.

Press Army uses a point system, graphs, lists and other elements to break down the results for a quick yet detailed overview about the buzz the brand in question currently creates in social media.

Watch Michael’s presentation on Press Army here:
Stream videos at Ustream

Social learning platform iKnow!

The second presentation of the evening, about Cerego’s social learning site iKnow!, was delivered by Kirk McMurray (Head of Product Development) and Dominiek ter Heide, Web 2.5 Code Terrorist (self-description) and web developer at iKnow.

iKnow is in essence a social learning platform developed on the basis of a self-developed learning engine, which was one of the key points of the presentation. Initially launched as a Japanese-only service for people who want to learn English online (and collaborate with like-minded users), the site is in the process of going global. Currently it’s i.e. possible to take Japanese courses in English, extend one’s English vocabulary or prepare for the SAT.

Ultimately, iKnow is planned to develop into a platform on which any language can be learned, followed by the possibility to absorb any kind of fact-based information. In the presentation, Dominiek used Freebase as an example for a web site from which information can be pulled, sorted and then learned using the iKnow system.

Watch the iKnow presentation here:
Live video chat by Ustream

The videos are courtesy of Tokyo2point0’s main organizer, Andrew Shuttleworth (UltraSuperNew is the other organizer).

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