Japanese super train Shinkansen with full Wi-Fi between Tokyo and Osaka

On Thursday railway operator JR Toukai announced they will offer full Wi-Fi on the N700 Shinkansen bullet train between Tokyo and Osaka. This route is the most important one in Japan.

Travellers will be able to access the web in all seats for the first time in Japan. The Wi-Fi connection is even supposed to work in tunnels. The service will also be available at all stations between Tokyo and Osaka.

JR Toukai says they will install 32 hot spots in the 16 wagons of the N700. The company promises the service will be ready in March next year.

Via Nikkei Net

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9 thoughts on “Japanese super train Shinkansen with full Wi-Fi between Tokyo and Osaka”

  1. It’s not mentioned on the release if it’s charged or not.

    Their existing WiFi service are provided at waiting room of few Tokaido-Shinkansen stations, but it requires you to be a member of commercial WiFi network, so it is likely you need to get the membership by couple of hundred yens per month.

    As Tokyo-Osaka is the biggest battle field for Japan Railway and airlines, I hope they will make it free for the competition, it also makes easy connection.

  2. N700 already provides power socket, for each seat in green-sha (first seat), window-side seats only in regular car. As far as I read the report.

    Which shinkansen train using N700 is… I do not know. Ask when you buy the ticket?

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