Jude – a UML modeling tool


UML modeling tool Jude is a popular software design tool amongst Japanese developers.

A free version of Jude has a capability to write all diagrams of UML (class, robustness, usecass, activity, sequence, collaboration, component, state-chart, and deployment). A professional version costs 29400yen ($275) and supports ER diagram, Dataflow diagram, and Mindmap.

Kenji Hiranabe is the guy who created Jude. He is a popular evangelist of Software methodologies in Japan.

Jude has a beautiful anti-aliased graphs, and sophisticated user-interface. It has an English, Spanish, Portguese, and Chinese version too. It’s worth a try.

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Shunichi Arai is developing a product for his new stealth startup. Arai devotes his life to software business, reading, and salsa dancing. Arai also loves to learn other cultures and languages such as Korean.
  • Gabmarcos

    I have a problem, because i can’t register the case toll in my PC

    • http://twitter.com/akky Akky Akimoto

      I am not sure what your problem is. They seem to stop selling the app. You should contact to them directly.