Hiroumi and Serkan joined Asiajin

Probably you may noticed that two new editors joined Asiajin. It’s a big first step to make Asiajin to be a renowned blog about Japanese and Asian IT.

Hiroumi Mitani is working at international development office of Rakuten. He is the first guy who contacted us for joining. His Japanese blog is here.

Serkan Toto is a German based in Tokyo. He is sharing a passion with us to introduce Japanese IT to the rest of the world. Currently, Serkan prepares to start his own IT company in Tokyo. He runs a his own blog ‘Tokyotronic‘ on Japanese IT.

It’s really delightful to welcome two passionate bloggers to Asiajin. Please expect us to produce a lot of great articles this year!

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Shunichi Arai

Shunichi Arai is developing a product for his new stealth startup. Arai devotes his life to software business, reading, and salsa dancing. Arai also loves to learn other cultures and languages such as Korean.

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