2D barcode tombstone

Ishinokoe (means “voice of stone”) K.K. announced their newly designed tombstone series “Kuyou no mado” (“commemoration windows”), which has QR Code (Japanese 2D bar code) inside. This QR Code, enhanced version “Design QR Code”, developed and trademarked by IT Design, can have small extra images in the code, which does not prevent proper code scanning.… Continue reading 2D barcode tombstone

Mobile barcodes:Huge success in Japan so far.

In Japan, mobile barcodes(QR Codes:local version of the 2D barcodes) has been widespread and acquired a stable position as one of the familiar media to provide a direct access to customers these days. They are mainly targeting mobile-savvy group of twenties to mid-thirties leading them to sales promotion sites for products such as snacks and… Continue reading Mobile barcodes:Huge success in Japan so far.