Joker Racer – “Truly-Remote” Control Car Over The Internet


A team of Joker Racer, a project by Tokyo-based Jokerworks Corp. to make remote control cars (and possibly real cars) controlled over the internet to provide virtual-but-real driving experience by using on-car linux and web cam, is visiting the Silicon Valley for their demonstration trip including O’Reilly Where 2.0 and Ignite + Launch Pad.

Yoski Akamatsu, a project leader of the Joker Racer, is known by his web company SideFeed Inc. and its RSS feed related services [J], some of which are also provided in English.


Joker Racer is also presented at the last Tokyo2point0 in bilingual (Japanese/English).

Practical Face-tracking for Japanese Gal-Game

If you are male, and when you saw see a girl with ultra-mini skirt on TV, have you ever tried to peek from underneath? I had, in my teenage. 🙂 The rather new technology using webcam is now realizing the boys’ dream on a PC game, Tech48 by Teatime.

It says "Game and the real world is now linked"

They combined face-tracking technology, which detects PC users location in front of webcam, with fictional characters in the, ahem, adult anime game. When you move from left to right side of desk, a girl in the game will follow you to give her eyes back on you.

see right if you move right
see right if you move right

This kind of eyes/face-tracking usage on games is not really the first challenge. A game like EyeToy:Play on Playstation 2 senses your move and use it as an user input instead of using joypad for years ago.

What Teatime claims that theirs is very innovative and the first time in history is, broader application of the technology. For example, when you let the cam recognize you are crouching, the game shows inside of the girl’s skirt.


Demo movie is also available.

The product has not been available yet, however, Teatime calls 100 early monitors.

If you are a regular reader of Asiajin, you might remember Dennou Figure ARis, one of our most popular articles, which also plouds of enabling you to look up in the fictional girl’s skirt. Those creators are amazing when they think what people are wanting on computers with latest technology. I must say that the human being’s imagination is infinite. 🙂