NHK To Start Internet Simalcast Radio

AV Watch reports [J] that NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is going to broadcast its three radio channels, Radio1/2 and NHK FM, over the internet from September 1st.

Those simulcast channel will be listened on website on PC. For Smartphone(Android/iPhone), apps will be released after October 1st.

Some private radio stations have already been airing their program over the internet. The popular one is, which started March 2010. has regional protection, so for example, you may not listen programs by radio stations in Tokyo from Osaka. NHK’s ones can be listened from anywhere in Japan, but not available from oversea.

Japan’s 13 Major Radio Station To Start Simulcast On The Web

Nikkei Business online reported [J] that major radio stations in greater Tokyo and Osaka area gathered to open a new website which offers the same programs as their broadcasting.

They are 6 from Tokyo (TBS Radio, Nippon Hoso, Bunka Hoso, FM Tokyo, J-WAVE, Inter FM), 6 from Osaka (ABC、MBS、OBC、FMO、FM802、FMcocolo) and Nikkei Radio on short wave.

Most of the Tokyo’s one are so-called “key station” which provides programs to local countryside radio stations, and Osaka’s are “sub-key station”. Those 13 had formed a IP simulcast council in last December [J]. This move is also supported by giant ad agent Dentsu. They already cleared copyrights issues with rights holders like JASRAC(Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers), JAAA(Japan Advertising Agencies Association) and talent agencies, as Nikkei Business says.

Test will begin in March under the domain “” [J]. The site uses Flash for streaming, and restrict access from other areas than greater Tokyo and Osaka by checking IP address.

A simulcast radio website SimulRadio [J] was opened by small and local stations in 2008, but major stations were reluctant for long years.