Jsdo.it – Shared HTML5/JavaScript Playground For Geeks

Jsdo.it is a new web developers’ community on which HTML5/JavaScript/CSS programmers can play, share and collaborate with others.

On the site, user can edit HTML/JavaScript/CSS on the left pane, and run them on the right pane.

Your code are publicized with your designating license, and others can “fork” it and make his/her branched version.

Popular JavaScript libraries are callable. Others making code are also possible to include.

Here is one Jsdo.it project sample I randomly took. On this blog widget, all source code can be seen on viewer, and you can play it here.

forked from: Trail Fader – jsdo.it – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

As licenses are attached to each source code by posters, you can take all needed code to your server outside if it permits.

All time favored ranking may be good place to check what cool designs and effects are made by Japanese web programmers.

Kayac, the company behind Jsdo.it, has already succeeded with the similar type of “code and share” community on Adobe Flash, Wonderfl. Some popular Flash applications made on Wonderfl seem to be transplanted to Jsdo.it already.

Particle 3000 – jsdo.it – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

JSパーティクル崩し – jsdo.it – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

Tree in the breeze – jsdo.it – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

Real Time Ray Tracing – jsdo.it – share JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS

Yahoo! Japan Launches TV Version Site

“Terebi-ban (TV version) Yahoo! Japan” is a new variation of Yahoo! Japan for home TV browsers.


Left side-bar menu has only 7 items, news, weather, sports, astrology, TV programme, cooking recipe and Chiebukuro (Yahoo! Answers Japanese version). The content is only 8 news headlines, 1 news with photo and 2 hot keywords. It is so simple if you compare it with the original Yahoo! Japan top page.


Most of top-listed categories and news are, however, do not provide TV version at this point. Besides top page, I could confirm search top,


and search results page,


are customized pages for this TV version.

According to their release note, this TV version is designed for big screen with fewer button remote control, and the filtering for children is set on by default for home use.

Many of big Japanese TV vendors, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi, give comments on the Yahoo! Japan’s release and says that they have been working on standardization of TV oriented HTML set, and this TV version of Yahoo! Japan is well supported of those television set.

[note] TV version of Yahoo! Japan is not available for PC browser unless you change your user agent appropriately. I did not confirm if you can see it from outside of Japan.