Create A Player From A Barcode With “Barcode Footballer”

Cybird, Inc. [J] has released the iOS application “Barcode Footballer” [J].

Barcode Footballer is an original soccer training game where the user becomes a soccer club coach, trains the players, devises the tactics, and aims to be the number one soccer club in the world.  About 3 trillion players are created from reading barcodes in the iPhone camera, and for each reveals a player with different abilities and appearance.  Users who registered in advance get a special present rare player “Paruterama.”  The registration page is here [J].

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Beautiful Girls Dance To The Music In “MOOSTA OMP”

Cybird Inc. [J] has opened “MOOSTA OMP” [J], software which features 3DCG characters who automatically dance to match up with music.  Anyone may download and try it out for free.

“MOOSTA OMP” is a software program which analyzes music and automatically sets a 3D character dancing.  Simply by dragging and dropping an mp3 file upon launching the soft, the analysis begins, and a beautiful girl 3DCG character breaks into a dance in time with the rhythm.  There are also functions for changing the stage and character as well as making a track playlist.  Furthermore, Soft Ether [J], who took part in the development of the human form input device “QUMARION” (QUMA technology) [J], are collaborating on the dance creation engine and development interface.  From now on, they are planning to release characters, motion (dance choreography), accessories, and stages to correspond with “OMP” as occasion calls.


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Popular Edo-Style Romance Game Now On Mobage

Cybird [J] has begun to offer “Ikemen O-Oku★Koi No En for mobage,” (Handsome Guys Shogun Harem ★ Love Garden) the first in a series of romance simulation games, for Mobage.

“Ikemen O-Oku★Koi No En for mobage” is a social game version of “Ikemen O-Oku★Koi No En,” a mobile game for girls which Cybird has distributed on mobile carriers” official sites since September 2010.  With versions already available for GREE and mixi, it has become a popular title with over 300,000 users.  Players become a town girl swept into Edo Castle, and the gameplay consists of venturing in and out of the Shogun’s harem, pulling strings behind Shogun Iemitsu to decide the official wife.  Not only game mode but also avatar function is included.  The avatar changes along with the story, and you can also enjoy gorgeous Japanese dress up in addition to scenery from that era.

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