Yahoo! Japan Releases Yahoo! Browser for Android

Yahoo! Japan, the largest and the most popular website in Japan, offers a new web browser for Android for free. The name is Yahoo! Browser.

It starts from a speed dial page like Opera,

Do Yahoo! Search on Yahoo! Browser,

The browser offers semicircular menu, which shows up when you touch the either side edge of screen. Yahoo! Japan says that it makes single hand operation easier, which is important for train commuters (which means majority of Japanese in urban area) who often can not use both hands on crowded trains.

Log-in status will be shared between the browser and Yahoo! Widgets for Android, which enables, for example, jump from a widget to Yahoo! pages on the browser without additional authentication.

The browser also has “Read it later” feature, voice recognition search and phishing-site detector. The supported Android versions are 2.x and above except 3.x.

The browser’s user-agent has “Mozilla”, “AppleWebKit”, “Mobile Safari” and “YJApp-ANDROID”, so it seems to be built on Android’s standard browser.

via Yahoo! Blog [J]

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