Spherical Joint Stocking Makes You More Figures-Alike

“Kyutai Kansetsu Sutokkingu”(Spherical Joint Stocking) is a coterie stocking sold at Bungaku Furima(=literature flea-market), a dojinshi sale dedicated for literature-related things only, by circle Ojosama Gakkou Shojo Bu(preppie school girls section). The stocking has globe joint painted on knees, to make your leg like real figure.

The stockings, 2,000 yen(US$25) seems sold out on their online shop, currently on order.

But why? I guess some people might love figures too much so that now they want to become like that. It is interesting because those joints originally showed their incompleteness of mimicking human beings.

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  • Alchiikt

    can anii one tell me where i can buy this its really kwl :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002221946494 Aurélie Mailliet

    Hello !
     Do you know where I might find these tights “doll” please ?
     On this site http://selfer.cart.fc2.com/ca10/18/p-r-s/ they sold out =S
     Thank you in advance !

    • http://twitter.com/akky Akky Akimoto

      You may ask the artist directly @uenoKoh .