Dentsu Releases Android Decorational Twitter Client Decotter

Dentsu, Japanese advertising colossus, released a new Android client with D2 Communications and Bijutsu Shuppan Networks Co., Ltd.

The new client Decotter lets you tweet not only 140 characters text but also Deco Sozai(=decoration materials), colourful images and character letters.

FYI, those “deco moji” are not emoji, which is now part of Unicode.

With maximum 10 decorations, you may tweet up to 100 regular letters in a single tweet.

It’s only available for Docomo and KDDI au. Not for Softbank Mobile.

Same as their successful “deco” business on their mobile web (i-mode/ezWeb), it co-works with a paid decoration selling service, Deco Market, where people can purchase more decorations to make their tweets stand out.

Dentsu’s release [J, pdf]

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