Yahoo! Japan To Close Yahoo! Kukuru, Naver Matome Rip-off

Yahoo! Japan, the largest website in the country, who holds a lot of successful sub-services under its brand, announced today the termination of their Yahoo! Kururu, user-generated summary site.

The service launched September 2011, is often called as “Yahoo!’s Naver Matome”, as the service seemed quite similar to the already-successful info-aggregation site Naver Matome. The word “kukuru” means “to bundle” or “to categorize” in Japanese, which might be chosen to avoid using “matome”(to summalize), whilst another challenger, Japanese net-savvy’ friend Hatena made Hatena Matome.

In October 2011, Yahoo! pushed Yahoo! Kururu items on its search results page, which is used more than Google Search. However, it did not really take off. See Google Trends for Websites. It was too late for Yahoo! to notice Naver Japan’s success.

Last month, Yahoo! Japan started providing ads on Naver Matome as an ad network.

Although the notification box on the site says, “Thank you for your long-term support” cliche, it will be run only 10 months. There was a replacement of executive team in March, which may affect this short-term shutdown.

2-channel Bans 5 Major Summary Sites From Reusing Its Posts

Some 2-channel( users noticed early morning on June 3 that an unpopular notification page on 2-channel was updated with the warning message against 5 notorious 2-channel watcher blogs.

We ban the following URL from using copyrighted materials owned by 2ch, as it is detrimental that those people who damage to third parties and do not apologize. We also forbid the reuse of copyrighted materials on similar sites by those people and related persons.

We may take some actions against forged texts and reuse of our copyrighted materials without reference to ours.



The names of the summary sites are Yaraon, Hamusoku, Hachima-kikou, Oreteki Game Sokuhou@JIN and Nyu-soku VIP blog.

There are hundreds of 2-channel summary sites, which are posting summarized, emphasized with color and font-size decorated discussions from raw 2-channel threads. These named five are the most successful ones and have millions page views, which are converted to their profit by heavy affiliate advertising around posts.

Recently there are more people who only check those summary sites, instead of going to the original 2-channel, which 2-channel seemed not cared much for years. However, recently there are more critics arose that some summary sites forged their summary, by changing quoted posts for example, and they often became buzzed on Twitter and other social media with noted “on 2-channel”. Sometimes their posts are referred by English blog media.

All of the 5 sites immediately posted on this as their latest news. Some wrote that they would not be able to continue, some just pasted the warning. I guess that they are watching people’s reactions.

There are few other summary sites who gains the same or more traffic than these five, such like Itai News, Alfalfa, etc. People are guessing why 2-channel listed the five now.

I think that banned by 2-channel is not really meaningful, because they tried to hide who owns and manages 2-channel, to avoid responsibilities. So even if any of those summary sites keep copying new threads from 2ch, bringing that to the court means 2-channel has to set who is plaintiff, and that will cause troubles on 2-channel who receives lots of lawsuits and court-orders.