Japanese TV star is the world’s most popular blogger by Guinnes Records

Cyber Agent, free blogging service Ameba(Ameblo) provider, announced that their holding celebrity blogger Yusuke KAMIJI‘s weblog is certified by Guinness World Records as the “MOST UNIQUE USERS ON A PERSONAL BLOG IN 24 HOURS” who is read by the 230,755 unique visitors in one day.

The daily page views is 5-6 million, the highest 13,171,039 PV on April 12th. Also got 56,061 comments on April 17th.

As we explained in this article, blog popularity in Japan is a bit different from other countries. Many TV stars are writing their blog as their promotion, supported by agency and blog service providers, and those blogs are mainstream. They uses their influences on TV to take people to the internet/blog, to sell their name, and (maybe) sell their recommended products/services.

The statistics numbers are explained to be taken on their server-side application analog. So it cannot be a serious stats I think, but may be useful when selling ads on the blogs, so is guinnes records.

Lunarr founder invites famous US-bloggers to Japan

Toru TAKASUKA, known as a very few Japanese entrepreneur challenging in US internet market by his Lunarr (covered on TechCrunch, Mashable, and a lot more), invites popular bloggers from US for one week Tokyo and Japan web technology meetings trip.

The invited bloggers are:

Wow… Just wow.

I am luckily able to attend one of their meeting, because it was held at my workplace Cybozu Labs. There were 4 Japanese entrepreneurs had a chance to make a 10 minutes presentation each to those bloggers.


Tomonari SONODA, CEO of Utagoe, recently moved to San Jose, introduced their new frontend service Channel.is . Their P2P movie broadcasting system and its selling URL under channel.is as a short name of broadcasted movie page. Also, new live video RSS service is being released today.

Ubiquitous Entertainment

Ryo SHIMIZU, CEO of Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. talked on his making Niconico Douga and iPhone application.


Ken SUZUKI from Sargasso introduced their services, Nota, CShirts.


Hatena’s exective Yuichi KAWASAKI talked 3 services, Hatena Haiku (on Asiajin), Hatena Diary and Hatena Bookmark, their successful Japanese services.


Consultant Tatsuya KUROSAKA made a short speech around his activities, being a freelance in Japan and web future for long-term, etc.

Cybozu Labs

My Cybozu Labs colleague Kazuho OKU, who developped Xiino browser for Palm, made a jump-in presentation on Japanize/MyLingual, automatic menu translation services supported by user generated data.

Also, Pathtraq, web traffice analysis service was expained. Currently it is targetting Japanese web, and you get good hot news list on it which cannot be searched on traditional search engine (which does not concentrate on “emerging news last hours”).

Some of those services could be mentioned by those bloggers soon, I guess.

[disclaimer] Akky AKIMOTO works 3 days per week for Cybozu Labs as a company blogger (in Japanese). Lunarr’s Toru TAKASUKA is a former CEO of Cybozu, though he left Cybozu years ago with selling his all stocks to start Lunarr in Portland, Oregon USA. Akky AKIMOTO has been working for Cybozu group for years and has ever worked under him when he was in charge of Cybozu US development.

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Japan’s No.1 blogger declared to stop her blog

Famous actress Chinatsu Wakatsuki, age 23, whose weblog boasts over 80 million page views per month, announced an end of her blog yesterday.

Chinatsu Wakatsuki blog

Last month she once implied about her blog’s end and caused a lot of reactions from her readers and media, which ended up to her apology for confusion, but it became real this time. Real reasons to retirement are not actually disclosed on her last post. She wrote it is not her retirement from show business, but only stops blogging “to do something else”.

Ameba blog’s celebrities section is providing blog hosting to over 1,100 Japanese celebrities, and gets 450 million page views per month. Although their free blog hosting service is not the most popular one for regular bloggers, CyberAgent has been leading to other Cocolog, Yaplog, livedoor blog, etc in this (probably) most influencial category.

Those blog system providers(such like bloggers.com and typepad.com in US) often buys popular celebtiries bloggers out of others. Officially, those companies earns from advertisement on the blogs. Since some top celebrities bloggers recommendations let apparel and cosmetic products sold out nationwide, there are rumors of hidden pay-per-post-like activities behind.

Relatively speaking, Japanese Internet users tend to follow mass media’s influences, TV, newspapers and magazines. The web is not an alternative but a cooperator/supplement. For example, Agile Media Network(AMN), bloggers network advertising agency such like Federated Media, keeps opinionated A-listers in Japanese blogosphere. However, even the top blogger from AMN earns couple of million page views per month at most.

[disclaimer] Akky AKIMOTO belongs to AMN network with his tech-blog as a pro-blogger working for Cybozu Labs in his daytime job.

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