Japan’s Top 50 blogs

The following list of Japan’s most popular blogs is based on information from Technorati, which is not super-reliable, we know, but it’s a yardstick at least.

All blogs are Japanese only but I added a short description in English to all of them. The Japanese titles are converted into Romaji (the Latin alphabet) whenever necessary.

Japan’s Top 50 blogs (according to Technorati Japan, accessed August 17th/2008):

Tech and geek blog
9,756 links from other blogs on the web to this blog

2. Gizmodo Japan
Blog about Tech stuff and the newest electronic gadgets
(Japanese version of Gizmodo)
3,915 links

3. Engadget Japanese
Blog about Tech stuff and the newest electronic gadgets
(Japanese version of Engadget)
3,351 links

4. Kamiji Yusuke Official Blog
Official blog of Japanese actor and TV idol Yusuke Kamiji and the world’s most popular blogger according to Guinness
2,468 links

5. 404 Blog Not Found
Japanese web uber-engineer Dan Kogai’s personal blog
2,179 links

6. らばQ
News blog
2,012 links

7. Nネタフル
Tech blog, also offers an English version
1,879 links

8. TechCrunch Japanese
Japanese version of TechCrunch
1,815 links

9. しょこたん☆ぶろぐ
Official blog of Japanese super idol and otaku dream girl Shouko Nakagawa
1,759 links

10. 日刊サイゾー, マスコミの裏を読む!体制の裏をかく!!
(“Nikkan saizou, masukomi no ura o yomu! Taisei no ura o kaku!!”)
IT gossip blog
1,669 links

11. Digital Magazine
Geek news blog
1,386 links

12. hbkr: habakari
Japanese web entrepreneur Ieiri Kazuya’s blog
1,372 links

13. Ikeda Nobuo blog
IT and economics blog written by university professor Ikeda Nobuo
1,302 links

14. にゅーあきばどっとこむ
(“Nyuu akiba dotto komu”)
Geek blog
1,189 links

15. Do Bo* Jo
Blog of Manga artist Kogedonbo
1,078 links

16. vege dining 野菜のごはん
(“vege dining yasai no gohan”)
Blog about cooking and recipes
1,026 links

17. うちの3姉妹~マンガで見る今日の出来事~
(“Uchi no 3shimai~manga de miru kyou no dekigoto~”)
Blog about Manga
958 links

18. Garbagenews.com
Tech and geek blog
892 links

19. *ホームページを作る人のネタ帳
(“*Hoomupeeji o tsukuru hito no netachou”)
Internet design and programming blog
819 blogs

20. FPN 新規事業とイノベーションを考えるビジネスニュースコミュニティ
(“FPN Shinkijigyou to inobeeshon o kangaeru bijinesu nyuusu komyuniti”)
Internet business bloggers’ planet blog
812 links

21. 百式(100SHIKI.COM) 世界のアイディアを今日も明日も明後日も
(“Hyaku shiki(100SHIKI.COM) Sekai no aidia o kyou mo ashita mo asatte mo”)
Tech blog
805 links

22. ガチャピン日記
(“Gachapin nikki”)
Blog of Japanese children’s TV character Gachapin
804 links

23. ニコニコ動画 開発者ブログ(新着情報)
(“Nico Nico Douga kaihatsusha burogu (shinchaku jouhou)”)
Developers’s blog of video portal Nico Nico Douga
788 links

24. Life is beautiful
Japanese web engineer Satoshi Nakajima‘s personal blog, also see No. 28
776 links

25. 勝間和代公式ブログ: 私的なことがらを記録しよう!!
(“Katsuya Kazumo koushiki burogu shitekina kotogara o kiroku shiyou!!”)
Business expert and CPA Kazumo Katsuya’s personal blog
733 links

26.  眞鍋かをりのココだけの話 powered by ココログ
(“Manabe Kaori no koko dake no hanashi powered by Kokorogu”)
Official blog of Japanese TV personality and idol Manabe Kaori
720 links

27. http://animeanime.jp/news
Anime news blog (English info page)
688 links

28. Life is beautiful
Japanese web engineer Satoshi Nakajima‘s personal blog, Technorati counts it twice (see No. 24)
685 links

29. 萌えよ!アキバ人ブログ
(“Moeyo! Akibajin burogu)
Otaku blog
684 links

30. Coliss
Blog about web design topics (translated from English)
678 links

31. My Life Between Silicon Valley and Japan
Japanese VC Mochio Umeda’s personal blog (Asiajin article)
675 links

32. IT戦記
(“IT senki”)
Japanese JavaScript-uber-engineer amachang’s personal blog
671 links

33. Google Japan Blog
670 links

34. 分裂勘違い君劇場
(“Bunretsu kanchigaikun gekijou”)
Blog covering life/workstyle/political/social issues
652 links

35. DesignWalker
An L.A.-based Japanese web designer’s blog
623 links

36. 夕刊フジ
(“Yuukan Fuji”)
News blog (online version of evening tavloid paper)
621 links

37. まこという名の不思議顔の猫
(“Mako to iu na no fushigigao no neko”)
Blog for cat lovers
602 links

38. 佐藤健オフィシャルブログ『WITH』byアメーバブログ。
(“Satou Takeru ofishiaru burogu ‘With’ by Ameba burogu”)
Official blog Japanese teen idol Takeru Satou
595 links

39.  茂木健一郎 クオリア日記
(“Mogi Kenichirou kuoria nikki”)
Official blog of Japanese multi talent Ken Mogi (a brain science researcher and TV talent, his English blog is here)

40. 内田樹の研究室
(“Uchida Tatsuru no kenkyuushitsu”)
Professor Tatsuru Uchida’s personal blog
581 links

41. くるねこ大和
(“Kuroneko Yamato”)
Blog about the adventures of a black manga cat
573 links

42. jkondoの日記
Personal blog of Junya Kondo, founder & CEO of Hatena
558 links

43. Lifehacking.jp
Geek blog
549 links

44. 新垣 結衣オフィシャルブログ
(“Aragaki Yui ofishiaru burogu”)
Official blog of one of my favorite super idols: Aragaki Yui
544 links

45. 品川庄司 品川blog
(“Shinagawa Shouji Shinagawa blog”)
Official blog of comedian Shinagawa
536 links

46. http://www.j-wave.co.jp/blog
Blog of Japanese radio station J-Wave
534 links

47. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/TomoMachi
Blog of US-based movie critic Tomohiro Machiyama
524 links

48. ネットゲリラ
(“Netto gerira”)
Geek blog
511 links

49. 作ってあげたい彼ごはん
(“Tsukutte agetai karegohan)
Blog about cooking and recipes for keeping boyfriends happy
483 links

50. phpspot開発日誌 PHP/Ajax/JavaScript/CSS等の最新技術情報をお届け
(“phpspot kaihatsu nisshi PHP/Ajax/JavaScript/CSS nado no saishin gijutsu jouhou o otodoke”)
Internet programming blog
476 links

You can view Technorati America’s Top 100 blogs here for a comparison.

For an excellent resource about Japan’s blogosphere in English make sure to check out Global Voices Online’s Japan section.

research: 40% of Japanese blogs are spam

Nifty Laboratory, a marketing research section of Nifty, which owns one of the biggest ISP in Japan @nifty, also provides big blog hosting service Cocolog, announced its new splog(spam blog) filtering technology combining several different splog finder methods.

@nifty logo

They also applied the filter to Japanese blog articles, sampled 100,000 for each month from their 450 million article archives (which they claim 90 % of Japanese blog articles). The result is, averagely 40% of blog entries are spam in Japanese blogosphere.

Japanese blogosphere is known the biggest in the world by numbers, as reported often on Technorati’s quarterly State of the Blogosphere report.

Kizasi: Blog search engine and analyzer

There is an impressive number of search engines specializing in blogs. Internationally speaking, Technorati and Google’s blog search are the most prominent examples. There is also a localized Japanese version of Technorati.

Kizasi (pronounced “kizashi”) is a Japanese blog search service which was started in January last year by kizasi Company, Inc.

Kizasi logo

This is kizasi’s translated top page (click to enlarge – accessed January 8th, 2008, Japanese time):

Under “Tools” on the top row you can find a kizashi widget, information about the kizasi API, RSS etc. “Lab”means applications by kizasi which are still in beta-phase.

The container on the left features the following topics:
All, society, sports, stars, entertainment, life, fun, moving/impressive news, surprising news, sad news, scary news and hateful news.

Kizasi crawls Japanese blog texts for words and analyzes connotations and usage patterns in order to point out structures and frequently used terms. As of today, kizasi takes into account blogs from 5,816,944 people who are ressponsible for a whopping 139,229,585 entries.

The service ranks key terms by genre and also analyzes pictures related to the words in question. Kizasi refreshes rankings every 10 minutes.

After clicking the current No. 7 search term which is “F2008”, the following page appears (click to enlarge):

kizasi result page

The frequency of the word “F2008” appearing in Japanese blog texts over the past year is shown as a graph on the top right, along with a tag cloud on the left which corresponds to the term. Kizasi also previews the newest blog entries containing the word “F2008” and retrieves videos from Youtube related to the search term.

The use of a time scale and frequency of site updates distinguishes kizasi from its competitors. Current consumer tastes, general trends and the buzz in the Japanese blogosphere can be spotted in a structered way and at an early stage.

Kizasi is mainly owned by the CAC group (88%). Yahoo Japan bought a 5% stake in kizai in summer 2007.

Kizasi’s successful penetration especially in the Japanese mass media was followed by Blogwatcher, Inc., launched by Recruit and Titech. The company established a blog analysis service called Shooti in July 2007. Wadaino is another domestic player in the Japanese blog search market mimicking kizasi’s ranking concept but based on different categories.