AR App “coloRail” Brings Location Based Gaming To The Sapporo Subway

Kumasan LLC [J] has released the first installment of “coloRail”, a location based game series for iOS where your destination is decided by the roll of the dice; this version features the Sapporo metro subway.  Download is free.

“coloRail” automatically determines your destination by rolling dice, and by actually going to the location, checking in, and repeating this process, you will conquer all stations in the Sapporo metro subway system.  The new one day travel pass for this subway offers more flexible ways to travel, and because this app works together with the already released AR (augmented reality) camera application “DoARaiCAM”, with a system grants items and points for that app according to your train questing status.

coloRail-ST [J]


photography AR Camera “DoARaiCAM” [J]


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“App Girlfriend” Traning Battle Communication Game Released, Features Augmented Reality

Toy Logic, Inc. [J] has released the iOS version of the smartphone training battle game Appuri Kanojo [J] (App Girlfriend).  Download is free.

“App Girlfriend” is a training battle communication game where you raise and have conversation with “Purikano,” 3 beautiful girl style anti-virus apps who live in your smartphone.  It comes with 3D graphics and a voice function, you dress the Purikano up in various costumes and gaze from many angles, and you can also enjoy conversation.  What’s more, it has AR (augmented reality) functions, and it’s possible to display your own Purikano in the real world from AR markers.  Character design is headed by Takayama Mizuki, and each character’s voice is done by Mimori Suzuko, Seto Asami, and Kanamoto Hisako.

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Appuri Kanojo

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CyberAgent Teens Division Releases Girls Community “Make Me”

The teens division of CyberAgent [J] has released the cute self-photo and makeup research community for teen girls Make me [J].

The teens division is a post designated for developing smartphone services for high school girls, and up until this time has been offering the smartphone decorative homepage service “Candy,” the photo only profile service “Photofeel,” the messenger app “DECOLINK,” the love story specialized community “Palette,” and now the release of “Make me” makes this their fifth service installment.

“Make me” is a research community for makeup techniques and taking cuter self-photos, bringing attention to the over 80 percent of teen girls who take photos of their own faces.  Users choose their own preference from 14 makeup genres such as forest girl, princess gal, sexy, or punk, can then post self-photos, contribute cosmetic or makeup items, and also research makeup techniques and makeup items with user peers in the same genre.  Furthermore, there’s a beauty function which easily allows processing the skin color on the face photo to a more light complexion, various filters and over 100 stamps, combining with picture frames and so on to make it possible to produce a more cutesy self-photo.  Public and private settings can be selected, and it also allows posting simultaneously on Ameba, mixi, or Twitter.

Make me [J]

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Official Release Of Beautiful Girl Social Game Platform “Nijiyome”

Eisys, Inc. [J] has officially released the beautiful girls social game platform Nijiyome [J] in Japan.  Also, continuing on from the beta opening, they are carrying out a campaign where you can receive “Niji Coins,” the virtual currency used in “Nijiyome.”

“Nijiyome” is a platform for social games where beautiful girl characters appear; the key phrase here is “2D yome” (2D bride).  It’s a platform for web browsers on tablet or smartphone, and it supports both iPhone and Android.
* They are expanding their number of offered titles from the beta opening and official opening, and from now will continue to add games for distribution.
* Furthermore, commemorating the official release, they are offering the folling campaign:
* Nijiyome open commemoration – introducing friends campaign [J]
* Nijiyome open commemoration part 2 – Kureka registration campaign [J]

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“What the … ?” Remodeling TV Show Released As iOS Game App

Asahi Broadcasting Company [J] and Smikie Inc. [J] have released an iOS game application themed on the popular TV series “Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before After” (Great Remodeling!! Dramatic Before and After).  Download is free.

In this construction and management simulation game, the player becomes an artisan builder and craftsman by making home improvements and spicing it up by arranging various items around the house.  Already a title of the same name is offered for GREE [J], but it has no connection with this and is a separate game of its own.  Purchasing items requires coins, but you can raise plants to acquire them in your garden, so free play is possible.  Also it has social components where you can visit friends’ houses.

Dai Kaizou!! Gekiteki Before After [J]

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