Mixi’s CTO to step down

Mixi, No.1 Social Networking Service in Japan, today announced that Batara ETO will leave his CTO job at the end of December, 2007.

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Eto, who is originally born in Indonesia recently naturalized (his former name was Batara Kesuma), is well know as a person to suggested Social Network Service in E-Mercury, the former name of Mixi, Inc. Mixi is the one of the biggest net services in Japan now and its traffic is generally well-handled by Mixi’s engineering team lead by him. He became Mixi’s CTO in December 2005 and sometimes made presentations about huge website scalability architecture on LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-Perl) technology.

Mixi’s announcement does not include if they name another CTO or leave it blank. Eto will remain as a “Gijyutsu Komon” (Technical Adviser) so it is unlikely that he moves to other SNS competitors such like Gree(No.2 users), MySpace(opened Japan page) or friendster(recently added Japanese localization).

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Jun-ichiro “itojun” Hagino dies at 37; IPv6 developer and evangelist

Jun-ichiro “itojun” Hagino who as a core developer of the KAME project which enables IPv6 on BSDs, died Oct. 29th 2007. He was 37 and was living in Tokyo, Japan.

He was a hacker. A distinguished hacker. He served as a member of Internet Architecture Board which makes decisions on Internet specifications (RFCs).

Itojun was one of the only few Japanese developers well-known all over the world. He used his network to introduce Japanese developers to world wide developers.

His passion was not limited in programming. He had a good appetite for Asian foods. He was a founding member of ESD, Japan’s first restaurants review site, too.

Itojun was a symbolic person of Japanese early Internet users. We loved you and will miss you, itojun.

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Mochio Umeda – Japan’s leading web visionary

Mochio Umeda lives in the Bay Area but he is very influential in Japan. His best selling book, ‘Web Shinkaron’, was excitedly accepted by business people.

His word is straight-forward and impassioned. He describes what is Google, what is the Web 2.0, what is open source. Those things were not well understood by the Japanese older business populations.

Joi Ito is the best known Japanese visionary and blogger in the world but Umeda is a much more well-known visionary inside Japan.

Umeda is doing some consulting and also runs a VC firm. Umeda is a board member of the Japanese web startup ‘Hatena’.