Classic Characters from “Doko Demo Issho” In Android Calculator App

Sony Digital Entertainment Inc. [J] and Gigno System Japan Inc. [J] have released the Android app “Toro Dentaku” [J] (Toro Calculator).  Download is 210 yen.

“Toro No Dentaku” is a calculator app that features the 5 characters Toro, Gene, Ricky, Pierre, and Suzuki from the “Doko Demo Issho” (Anywhere Together) series (a game for Playstation originally released in 1999).  You can choose from 3 types of design including “2D Pokepi,” “3D Pokepi,” and “Pokesute Fuu,” and cute sound effects play each time you push a button.

(C) SCEI / GignoSystem Japan, Inc.

Doko Demo Issho Angel [J]

Doko Demo Issho Soccer Set [J]

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