iPhone Apps Developers in Japan will visit San Francisco during MacWorld for promoting

On Decemeber 24, at Chirstmas eve night, Japanese iPhone developers gathered at an old Japanese-style hotel “Houmeikan” near Tokyo universtiy.


The purpose is ” to plan an event in SanFrancsico during MacWorld to promote iphone apps by Japanese developers in a group”.


Japanese iphone app market is not big as U.S. market and there’s an estimate that it’s 1/10 of U.S. market. So it is critical to promote for U.S. market to make enough beneifts.

Here is a PR movie by developers who joined the meeting.

iphone demo event – promo video

I will aslo join to this event as a developer of PokéDia, a daily diary app.

PokéDia demo in YouTube
PokéDia ver1.1 at iTunes Appstore

The promotion event will be held at certain place in San Francisco at the night of Jan. 7th. Since the space is limited, you will need invitation to join to this event.

Those of you who want to join this event, please register at the following site.

Macworld Expo: Japan iPhone App Developer Special Media Event

Bounen Kaigi 2008 report

Bounen Kaigi, annual year-end conference considering the record of the year, was held at Yahoo! Japan office again this year. This conference was sponsored by Yahoo! Japan and the event hosts were Gen Taguchi (blog: 100shiki[J]) and Daiya Hashimoto (blog: Jyoho Kogaku Passion for The Future[J]).


This conference consisted of the followings.

  • Noticeable Net Services in 2008
  • Guest’s topics
  • Yahoo! Japan’s 2008 trends by analyzing keywords
  • Hosts’ topics
  • Zentai Kaigi (everyone’s discussion)

Noticeable Net Services in 2008

This ranking is 10 noticeable net services which Taguchi/Hashimoto picked up from the list collected by their readers.

  1. Dropbox
  2. Evernote
  3. SPYSEE – Vertical search engine of influencers
  4. TechTalk.jp – Hub site for technical presentors
  5. Language exchange SNS Lang-8 – Multi-lingual social network service for learning foreign lanugages
  6. Auto Vocoder Box – Online vocal correction service for bad singers
  7. GYOROL – Mobile & PC fishing game
  8. rigureto – Miserable story sharing site
  9. Shuden.jp – Last train time checking site in mobile
  10. Yaruo KenBunRoku – The record of 2ch character “Yaruo”‘s diverse challenges


These are not so popular in Japan now, but have a good chance to become big services. Top two services are  not from Japan, therefore this results will motivate Japanese start-ups to make more effort in 2009.

Guest’s topics

Guest was Keiya Mizuno. He is a writer of million-seller book “Yume wo kanaeru zou” ( means an elephant living out dreams). This book is so popular that it was made to TV drama and came to be the most  sold Japanese books in 2008, more than 1.7 million copies, Hashimoto said.



Yahoo! Japan’s 2008 trends by analyzing keywords

They explained about the trends on the internet in 2008, for example, comparision between mobile and pc user of mixi or analyzing the age brackets of  newly emerging community sites, pixiv, pu-pe girl and so on.

Hosts’ topics

The hosts, Taguchi/Hashimoto, made presentations about their 2008 and new plans for 2009.

» Taguchi’s Report of Bounen Kaigi 2008 // ideaxidea.com[J]

Zentai Kaigi(everyone’s discussion)

This may be most important session, the last was Zentai Kaigi. All participants were grouped up by 6 people and discussed.

Theme was “Thinking up the new big net service in 2009”. They must fill up the following paper.

Using (_______) problem from recession in 2009 as an underhanded way, you work out a new service (_______) for (______) people. This service has a great feature that (_______), so it has very high-level repeat rate. The name of this service is “(________)”.
In addition, the government admires this service and names the year from 2009 to 2015 after it, “(________) economy”.

The winner team’s idea is that NEET check the other house through some monitors in their houses. NEET are people who have no job including part-time and will increase in number because of the recession.


This conference will be also held in 2009. If you spend your year-end vacation in Japan, why don’t you join?

2ch.net ownership moved to Singapore company


Hiroyuki Nishibuya, founder of Japan’s biggest anonymous BBS 2ch.net (Ni-Channel), revealed that he had transferred the ownership of 2ch.net to oversea on his blog.

The FAQ on 2ch.net was modified, too.

Q Who owns 2ch?

A 2ch.net is managed and operated by PACKET MONSTER INC.

2ch.net has been at the heart of libel lawsuits in decade since it established in 1999. Those lawsuits targeted at Hiroyuki as individual, and freedom of speech on 2ch.net has been somewhat kept by his attitude to emphasis those suing people getting more and more attentions from 2ch users.


The tribuneship of 2ch is now handed to a company PACKET MONSTER INC., which looks in Singapore. I think this is to avoid farther suits by removing the existence of the service from Japan, i.e. Hiroyuki still owns the service via the paper company. The servers of 2ch is always explained to be run in USA from its beginning. Now it becomes much more complicated to take legal action to 2ch.net in Japan.

Lang-8: Multi-lingual social network service for learning foreign lanugages

Lang-8 is a unique social network service started by a young entrepreneur Youyou Ki who lieves in Kyoto, Japan.

Language Exchange SNS Lang-8


It works in this way.

1.First join to the service.

2.Then write a diary in the language you’re learning.

3.Native spekers of that language who are aslo users of Lang-8 will correct your diary. This normally would not take more than 24 hours.

4. In return you will check other one’s diaries written in your mother-tongue language and correct them.

So the cycle of  good will are turning around by volunteer works of users.

Ki Youyou was born in China and when he was 4 years old he moved to Japan and grew up in Japan.  When he became a university student he visited China for a year  and there he found his Chinese was not natural as natives.

He started to write diaries in Chinese and asked his room mates to correct to imporve his language skill. This experience turned to the idea of Lang-8.

He asked to his friend to develop Lang-8 and made it by customizing OpenPNE, an open source social network service platform. They launched the service in the summer of 2006 and now more than 100 thounsands users are joining to Lang-8.

There are many free web services struggling to make benefits but Ki is quite optimistic for the future of Lang-8.

“In Lang-8, many talented users are joining.  Many of them are bilingals so if you need someone to hire who can understand and make a communication between certain languages, Lang-8 would be a good to place to seek the one.”

Ruby craze sweeps Fukuoka, Japan


Programming language Ruby was created by a Japanese programmer, Yukihiro Matsumoto. However, Ruby was a minor hobby language until the appearance of Ruby on Rails.

After the Ruby on Rails fad reached Japan, the government people became interested in Ruby, because it is the first made-in-Japan programming language which is commonly used worldwide. Shimane prefecture, where Matsumoto lives, is trying to promote local software industry with Ruby technology.

Fukuoka is the largest city in Kyushu island which is located west of the main island of Japan. Three Ruby organizations are head-quartered in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka prefectural government launched an organization called ‘F-Ruby‘ [JP] with many software companies in Fukuoka. Ruby Business Commons [JP] is actively promoting Rails and JRuby to local developers. Also, I am an organizer of the oldest Ruby meetup group called ‘Rubyist Kyushu‘ [JP].

Fukuoka prefectural government offers 1 million yen ($10,000) award [EN] to the best Ruby application or Ruby promotion effort done in last 1 year.

We, Rubyist Kyushu organized a regional Ruby conference called ‘Kyushu Ruby Kaigi’ with over 200 attendees. We invited Koichi Sasada, a core developer of Ruby 1.9, and Akimitsu Sano, Founder and CEO of Cookpad as speakers. Also, Andy Hunt, the author of Programming Ruby, gave us a video lecture.

2008 was a Ruby year in Fukuoka.